Mysteries of human physiology

So Lil’ Wayne got pinched last week on (surprise, surprise) a felony drug possession charge…and, of course, The Smoking Gun got the mug shot.

Now, I’ve never really paid that much attention to Lil’ Wayne or his looks. I knew what I needed to know: he’s black, from New Orleans, he’s got more tattoos that a little bit, and he’s got locs, and, for reasons unfathomable to me, women seem to fall all over themselves for him. But TSG’s mug shot made me look a little closer.

Ok…first question: WTF is that on his forehead? Is Lil’ Wayne taking a page out of the Charlie Manson book of tattoos?

My second question: How the hell do you manage to get your neck wider than your head? Wayne’s neck look like it’s about to swallow his head. For real, what the hell sort of steroids do you take to get a neck like that?



  1. sweetpea Said:

    Maybe he does chin-ups… Or a lot of bobbing… dunno!

  2. david Said:

    i dont care wat u guys say lil wayne is the best kno that

  3. SheWhoMustNot BeNamed Said:

    awww that’s cute. Your poor spelling and link to runescape tell me everything I need to know about you.

    But, and pay close attention here because I may use big words, I wasn’t calling his skills as an MC into question. I was questioning the physiological probability of someone actually getting their neck to be wider than their head with out the assistance of steroids.

  4. erika Said:

    ok. who has time to sit there and pick out all ones flaws with out taking into consideration, that he is oh so skillful on the mic. also what the hell??its a picture and sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad..its a mugshot i have not seen a mugshot in my whole life that was decent and undistorted. so…..lil wayne is the best rapper alive!!!

  5. SheWhoMustNot BeNamed Said:

    Look! Another fan! Specifically another fan with the inability to tell when someone is joking. This doesn’t say much for the intelligence to Weezie’s fan base.

    I could not give less of a damn about lil wayne’s mic skills. I believe that was already stated once. I don’t like repeating myself, but for the sake of the slow I will. This time.

    Yes, I know it’s a mug shot. However I have in my possession several magazines featuring him and his neck is thick there too. This isn’t the first time I observed it. It just happens to be the first time I spoke on it IN MY BLOG.

  6. Im me Said:

    Ok so you ask how someone gets their neck wider than their head? well it actually doesnt have a thing to do with steroids, because steroids dont do anything unless you work out. So basically Weezy has done a lot of neck exercises like neck rolls, laying on a bench with a weight plate on his head, isometric resistance, basically like what football players do. Kind of like how football players have big necks, hmm….maybe that working out your neck is connected to having a big one? Oh and Weezy’s not the best rapper alive, but he is my favorite. Look, a fan can actually spell and knows about some stuff.

  7. SheWhoMustNot BeNamed Said:

    Im me…you’re the only “fan” so far who has actually addressed the question I posed. THANK YOU! DEAR HEAVENLY GOD THANK YOU! I was really beginning to lose faith in the intelligence of Weezy’s fans. And I’ll admit he’s got a few good songs and I completely agree with what he said about Al Sharpton on his newest album.

    But, I guess I should have made this clear from the start, my comments were completely tongue in cheek and rhetorical. I’ve dated and been friends with enough athletes to know how a neck gets that thick. Steroids was a joke, mostly stemming from recently released records from a producer of performance enhancing drugs that listed several notable R&B and rap artists.

  8. quia Said:

    lil wanye is so cute and sexy

  9. SheWhoMustNot BeNamed Said:

    Really? That’s ALL you had to add to this? That Lil Wayne is “cute and sexy”? This damn entry has been here since the end of january and THAT is your mind blowing, oh so intelligent comment?

    Im Me…where ever you are…This single digit IQed waste of space has OFFICIALLY lowered my opinion of his “fans” beyond redemption. If you want someone to blame, blame her.

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