Unemployment blues part 3: Pavement Pounding

So I spent the better part of three hours Friday wandering around downtown Ann Arbor stopping in at different shops, stores and eateries to inquire if they’re hiring. 99% weren’t even taking applications for later consideration.

Part of the problem is, besides the fact that we live in an economically dead state,  that my city is capped on either end by universities. This means most work is fairly seasonal, and with summer break about to start up, a lot of places are not only not hiring, but getting ready to cut back their staff.

I did manage to get two applications. One for a middle eastern type pita joint (which I was half way hoping wasn’t hiring..I’ll get on that later) and the other is a theater that runs indie type films. Which, I have to say, would be sort of cool to work at, even if it’s just for minimum wage (which will be the subject of yet another rant later).

I have yet to actually sit down and fill these out. I plan on making another trip down there to walk the streets that I didn’t get this time around (probably with better shoes too…I love my Harley boots but they aren’t really made for long walks).


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