I’m sure most of you have seen this before, but I had to re-post this.

Sally Kern…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Roman AND Greek societies openly embrace homosexuality? And didn’t Roman AND Greek societies survive for centuries? Don’t their discoveries, creations, architecture, and inventions (not to mention their politics and art) STILL influence the way we live in this day and age? What the hell kind of history books has she been reading?

And Islam is a threat to the US? Islam?!? For real? You mean to tell me an entire religion where most of it’s adherents are too poor to leave their country of origin, none the less travel around the world is a threat to the most powerful (militarily) country in the world? Muslims have been living in the US for decades now, and they’re just now becoming a threat? I wonder if Muslims pose the same threat to the US that Jews posed to Germany back in the early days of Hitler’s rule post WWI. Or maybe they’re the kind of threat that Blacks were to Whites after slavery was abolished. Or Japanese-Americans were during WWII…Noticing a pattern?

Anyway, here’s this bigoted bitch’s tirade against Gays (and, in some part, Muslims).


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