It was The Kid’s “special day” at school, which meant that it was my day to sit in with the class. So I got to spend the day surrounded by four and five year olds. Then on the way back home there was a little girl in my complex, standing outside her door crying and calling for her mom. It seems mom wasn’t home, so I had her check her neighbor’s house (not home). I called her mom (Parents take note: your kid should know their phone number!) and left a message letting her know where she was (her mom was at traffic court about 45-60 minutes away) and brought her home with me (though I advised her to not go places with strangers on a regular basis).

THEN I had to walk up to the library to print something out, left the library just in time to see three squad cars, ambulances, and two fire trucks pull up to a high-rise that mostly houses senior citizens (which is funny because you can walk from the high rise to the station that all of them came from).

Walked home, called the girl’s mom again (twice actually), went back to her apartment just to make sure she wasn’t answering because she didn’t recognise the number. Came back home, grabbed something to eat (my last actual meal had been at 1045am and it was about 430pm), made the girls some PBJs and JUST as they were sitting down to eat, the doorbell rings. It’s the girl’s mom.

After a lot of both of them begging for the girl to spend the night (she has school and The Kid has parent teacher conferences), we decided that the girl can come around now and then to play.

So, after ALLLLLLL that, I had to wash what few dishes were in the sink, and start dinner.

*passes out*


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