Dear Linden Labs,

I would like to know if there will ever be a time when I could actually use Second Life without it be so completely fucked that I can’t do something as simple as log on?

I love Second Life, I really do. Ask anyone who knows me. I waste more hours on there than any human should. However, all these problems are getting on my last damn nerve. All last week there were transaction issues. Every time you gave the “all clear”, there was another transaction issue 4 hours later.

I know you guys are constantly expanding, and your growth rate is slightly beyond your capacity to handle it. But you guys need to handle it. Either shut down the sign up process for a while, or hire more techs to keep the grid going.

If this keeps up, I’m canceling my premium membership. I really don’t need the measly L$300 you throw my way every Tuesday.

Best wishes,

She Who Shall Not Be Named


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