I’ve had teachers I didn’t like, but DAYUM!

For some reason this was filed under Reuters “Oddly Enough” section. I can understand the ban on cosmetic castration for Thai “ladyboys” (I don’t suggest you google that term, just take it at face value), and I’m surprised that the story of a UK construction firm banning wolf whistling at ladies didn’t make it in there. But this, nah, this is not odd. This is scary.

Nine nine-year-olds in Georgia devised a plan to tie up, knock out and cut their teacher. Some came to school with handcuffs (parents, please hide your kinky toys better), electrical tape, and one came with a broken steak knife. They planned this for a week. A week! Nine year olds have the attention span of newt, but they managed to plan this in pretty deep detail for a week.

But what kills me (and nearly killed the teacher) is that it wasn’t two or three kids planning this, it was nine! That’s a pretty big chunk of your class that doesn’t like you. And given that nine year olds can’t keep their mouths shut to save their lives, you know other kids in the class knew too and didn’t say a word. So even the students that weren’t in on the plot didn’t like the teacher enough to warn her/him.

Kids these days have some brass balls I tell you. We just put thumb tacks in their seat. They’re looking to eliminate the problem all together.


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