I can has car?

I don’t know how I forgot to blog about this but…WE GOT OUR CAR BACK!!! Got it back the other day. Of course this means we’re broke. We had about $350 left to pay on it. yay :p.

I’m exhausted. I washed The Kid’s hair today and was supposed to get mine relaxed…but that didn’t happen. Long story short, my sister started her period and is pissy.

Not much to really talk about today. Cleaned (more) for BW’s first communion reception Sunday. Went shopping for a bit with my mom. Ate delicious steaks at my parent’s house, however the night was cut short by my sister’s pissy-ness and my dad’s inability to just not say anything. So we came back to my sister’s house, she cleaned the carpet (I swear it’s a woman thing…get upset, start cleaning) and once that was done we watched her recorded novelas and ate some tasty candies we got from Cost Plus World Market (they’re filing backruptcy and closing several of the Metro Detroit stores).

So…to make up for my bland and boring day..I offer you a good laugh:


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  1. Sumayyah Said:

    YAAY CAR!! So, if I donate to the thirsty gas tank, will you visit?

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