Flash Back Video Of The Day: JEM!

I wanted to see if anyone in the YouTube world remembered this bit of 80’s greatness so I did a search for Jem and came up with these delightful tidbits! I loved this show as a kid. No other show had it’s characters randomly breakout into song (with accompanying video), plus there was that weird pseudo-love triangle between Jerrica, Jem and Rio. AND they got someone who could actually sing to do Jem and The Hologram’s singing voices.



  1. Sumayyah Said:

    OMG you really went there! I LOVED that show, although, I was secretly rooting for the Misfits the whole time. My favorite Misfit song was “Makin’ Mischief”

  2. G.D. Said:

    I know like half of that catalog. (What? My sister had the cassettes and it came on before He-Man! Don’t judge me.)

  3. hehehe

    you don’t talk shit about Detroit, I won’t mention your Jem addiction Quix.

  4. Fortress Guy Said:

    The strangest love triangle in history! You are so right. I have had Jem on the brain lately since I was working on a post about the show.

    Here is my take on it with lots o’ pics if you are interested.


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