Wonders of Nature

Since my net is down currently, I have to walk up to the library to check email and all that. Now the walk isn’t far and the weather has been pleasant since Spring finally decided to show itself. However there’s always been one sign of spring that’s always baffled me. It’s a peculiar tree that I see around a lot. I don’t know the name of this tree, but if there’s one in your area you’ll know it as soon as I describe it.

I first saw this tree in 7th grade. Our school didn’t have a gym so we played in the park across the street from our building. During the spring there were these trees with these gorgeous white flowers covering them. Apple or cherry blossoms I initially thought. But when I got to the trees I was knocked over by the smell. They reeked like something rotten. I figured it was because the park was home to bums at night. But over time I discovered that that wasn’t the case at all. The trees simply stink.

Standing downwind of these things is like standing downwind of raw sewage. Walking past them, it takes a lot not to gag and choke from the stench. I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly plant these foul things in front of their house except to keep guests away.



  1. dragonmage Said:

    Yep, seen those trees. They get planted at businesses as they bloom early in the spring, but I can’t see anyone intentionally putting one in their yard.

  2. Apparently they’re Bradford Pear Tree (thank you google)…but in searching for just what sort of hellish pit of damnation spit up these trees with the stench of a gangrenous wound (the answer would be China and Korea), I found that they are also referred to as “jizz trees” (no, really, I’m not lying) because, apparently, they smell like semen…while I personally never took the time to actually SMELL semen, I would think that anyone whose sperm smelled like that may want to make a trip to their doctor and get checked out.

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