The Kid, the end of the school year and the impending summer of terror

Thursday is The Kid’s last day of school. For whatever reason they start preschool a month late and end it a month early. It’s insane if you ask me.

For the last few weeks I’ve been looking for a day camp for The Kid. There are none. Oh there are day care centers, but I don’t want her to be at a day care center. I want her to be somewhere where she’ll learn something. If I wanted her to sit around indoors doing nothing, I’d keep her home. But camps for four year olds are few and far between.

A local university was doing a reading enrichment program for kids her age. But it was one hour a week and they wanted over $230

There’s a indoor rock climbing gym that has summer programs for kids her age, but it’s at the end of the summer and $165 for a week. Initially I was considering them because their website had up their spring program where it was $130 for 10 weeks of classes. If they had done something like that for their summer session, I’d so be there. But it’s a bust now.

So we have no idea what to do with The Kid, who has asked me to put her back in school once school was over because she didn’t want it to end. God I hope that holds all the way through high school. (please?)


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  1. Sumayyah Said:

    I don’t even know when OS’s last day of school is. He has a field trip on June 2! Maybe you can drive down here a couple of times a week, and we can turn them lose at a park somewhere…….

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