The Police Officer’s Dilemma

So University of Chicago’s Stereotyping and Prejudice Research Laboratory came up with a first-person-shooter style test game where pictures white and black men, armed and unarmed, are flashed in front of real life backgrounds like diners, apartment buildings, business offices, and forested areas. Your job is to determine, in mere seconds, whether the person is armed or unarmed and either holster your weapon or shoot. You really only have milliseconds to decide. If you wait too long you lose points. Shoot an unarmed man you lose points, holster for an armed man you lose points. The only way to increase your score is to make the correct decision. At the end of the “game” (which seems to not only go on forever, but also speeds up more towards the end) you’re given a score and a time average for your reactions to each image divided by race and whether or not they were armed.

Sadly there were vast differences in my reaction times.

Kind of disappointing, huh? Try it yourself, see how you score.

(hat tip to actingwhite)


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