Cast of Characters

The people I will probably be mentioning fairly often as this goes on

H/The Man – My husband. “H” is so much better than “hubby”, don’t you think?

The Kid – My daughter. Fairly self-explanatory.
MT – A good friend of mine who has taught me quite a bit about myself since we’ve met. I don’t know how often he’ll come up, but if he does, this will be the name for him.

Toya/Sumayyah – my best friend since 9th grade. A bigger book nut than I am.

JPC – an enigmatic and elusive writer/friend who seems to always appear at just the right time to say just the right thing when I need it most.

BW – my nephew. Because “my nephew” is really annoying to write over and over.

beat-toy – A young man that allows me to do horrible, terrible awful things to him, and then worships me for doing them. Hail to the King baby.

Skra – Skra is…well…Skra is Skra. My Tasmanian devil (no, really, he’s from Tasmania…what do you mean you don’t believe me? Look on the map at the south-east corner of Australia, see that tiny island? THAT is Tasmania.). Every time we talk I learn something new about humanity and it’s ability to transform. For all his pessimism, he sort of gives me hope. I have the honor of being one of the five people he won’t kill once he becomes Supreme Overlord of the world.

My Brothers – Three guys I grew up with. Individually they are Kyle, D, and Tony. I am the youngest of our little “group” (by a year), the shortest (Tony is a good 6’2 and Kyle’s just an inch below him, D is next at about 5’10), and the only girl, which means I have the great fortune of being harassed, abused, and tormented by them whenever they so please.

NKA(4MT)/She Who Shall Not Be Named/T*** – in a word: Me. “SWSNBN” is a pretty common abbreviation for me to use.

B/S/MIL – Brother, Sister or Mother In Law. There’s a reason why Father In Law was left out (we won’t go into it right now) and I may, at times, refer to my S-MIL, which is my Step-Mother In Law. If I mention her, it’s probably not a good thing.

(stay tuned for more…)


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