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Drop a dime, get a grand

The Detroit News ran an article today talking about how Crime Stoppers is seeing a jump in tips due in Michigan due to the steadily falling economy and poor job market.

Sumayyah (read the Cast of Characters page), says it stinks of Orwellianism. Personally, if the only thing standing between me and my lights getting cut off is tipping the cops that it was RayRay up the street who robbed someone at gun point…fuck RayRay. You can say I’m a snitch, you can say I’m a sell out, but you can’t say I’m sitting in the dark.

A grand for a tip on a homicide that leads to an arrest. Forget all the moral stuff. Forget doing your duty as a good citizen of whatever city you live in. It’s a grand for making a phone call. Now, that may not sound like a lot to some folks, but that’s rent, electricity/gas, phone and cable with plenty left over for groceries.

So, once again, fuck RayRay.

And while I’m on the subject of crime and criminals: Black people…cut this shit out

(hat tip The Smoking)

WTF kind of Smurf do you skin for hair like that? More importantly, who the hell lied to her and said it was cute? Blue is not the same as blue-black.  Stop this shit now.


From the “There’s a special spot in Hell for them” files

Scrolling through Engadget and Wired today I came across two stories that are just wrong.

First was about a 7 year old cancer patient who had his PSP, meds, homework and medical records stolen when his family was eating at a local restaurant before his chemo and the day before his birthday. OK, granted the guys who broke into their car couldn’t have known he was a cancer patient, but once you find out you nicked the belongings of a kid who gets toxic chemicals pumped into his body on a regular basis so he can live, you should at least drop the stuff in the mail or leave it at the doorstep of a local police station and run. Better yet, just turn yourself in and take your lashing like a man.

The second story was wrong in ways that I didn’t know wrong could be wrong. It was the sort of wrong that usually follows the phrase “Why yes, I’d love to upgrade my one way ticket to Hell to express with the complimentary kerosene shorts.” Hackers, normally people of some morals who prefer to attack large corporations or take on government entities just to prove it can be done, decided to attack an epilepsy support forum by posting brightly colored, flashing images all over the place causing many epileptic patients to seize up or have migraines. I don’t know who would be angry enough to attack a bunch of epileptics. Maybe they didn’t like that MTV wouldn’t play Gnarls Barkley‘s new video Run. But I can’t see that as any reason to take it out on epileptics as a whole. They’re not smokers, they didn’t choose to be sensitive to brightly colored flashing images.

Good old Satan is going to have a time ass raping this lot of upstanding citizens.

Oh you dumb mothafucka © T510

Answer me this: As a cop, how in the hell do you get caught up in a sting that your own people set up? This wasn’t a sting that another county or city set up. This is YOUR department, and you’re a damn deputy! Shouldn’t you know ahead of time to pull the hell out? And these are the people enforcing our laws. Don’t you feel safer already?

Deputy snared in prostitution sting

Wayne County officer, who isn’t being named, faces solicitation charges; he was among 18 arrested.

Santiago Esparza / The Detroit News

DETROIT — A Wayne County deputy was among 18 people arrested this weekend in a sting targeting prostitutes and pimps who used an Internet site to hawk escort services.

The deputy faces misdemeanor solicitation charges and his police powers are suspended, said Sheriff Warren Evans. He also will face department disciplinary action, Evans said.

“While we hate to have one of our own involved, we don’t treat him any different,” Evans said Sunday afternoon. He did not identify the deputy.

Fifteen women will be arraigned on misdemeanor charges Monday. Two men suspected of being pimps for some of the women will be charged with pandering, which is a four-year felony, on Monday.

“They were pimps,” he said. “They brought the women in and were going to transport them back.”

The women advertised their services via the Web site Deputies investigating the complaints set up bogus encounters with the women Thursday and Friday at hotels in Dearborn Heights, Northville, Romulus and Taylor, Evans said. He would not name the hotels.

Most of those arrested would only discuss business face-to-face, Evans said. He said all of the women wound up offering sex for money. The women were charging from $60 for 15 minutes to $300 for an hour.

Small amounts of marijuana and heroin were also seized, along with about $3,000 and 10 cars, Evans said. Evans said the women and alleged pimps were local residents, but did not know exactly where they lived.

Solicitation may not seem like a big deal to some, Evans said, but it often accompanies other crimes like theft. He said the department will conduct similar stings in the future.

“I am sure we will periodically,” the sheriff said. “It is a quality of life thing.”