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Dear Winter,


*points to the calendar* See that? March 22. You have officially over-stayed your welcome.



Summer time and the livin’s easy

Ok…it’s not summer. Far from it in fact. But today was unusually warm for the beginning of March.

Last month was one of the coldest February’s on record. It’d snow for days and be mild. Then it’d warm a bit and melt, and then, over night, the temp would drop and it’d snow again, this time with icy, bitter winds that made the snow feel like tiny razors shredding you millimeter by millimeter. And just under that hard snow would be a thick layer of ice from the previous day’s thaw. This was pretty much the way all of February went. Week after week.

So imagine my surprise when I stepped outside to take my daughter to school and it was warm.  Not just warm, but really warm. Warm enough to melt the nearly three feet of snow piled up on my lawn turning it into something resembling a marsh. Because we live in a pretty hilly area, all this melting snow made long rivers flowing from one end of our complex to the other. For all the dirt and grime associated with city life, it was actually kind of pretty.

The breeze was the best part of all of it. It was a warm, silken breeze. The kind that just nudged against you and made you want to just walk and walk and walk…It was the kind of breeze that heralded the coming of Spring (PLEASE GOD LET IT BE HERALDING THE COMING OF SPRING!), tinted with the slightly damp, musty smell that comes after the earth has thawed and softened and is getting ready to release its new life. I walked slowly on my way back home, not really wanting to go into the house and leave the beautiful day behind closed doors.

The oddest part of today wasn’t the fact that it topped out at 52ºF, but the fact that, on our way to school, my daughter and I saw a fat opossum waddle across someone’s lawn. Possums are pretty common around here (like raccoons and skunks and squirrels), however seeing one in the middle of the day isn’t. Possums, for those that don’t know, are nocturnal. Initially I mistook it for a stray cat, not really wanting to believe that there was a possum out in the open at noon. But there it was, plain as day, ambling across a lawn and under someone’s car where it watched us pass cautiously.

I have to admit, I have never seen a living possum. Around here they end up as roadkill pretty often, especially when the weather warms and mating season starts. But that possum was sort of cute. In a weird, rat-like, disease carrying scavenger sort of way. They’re somewhat attractive little beasties when they aren’t smushed and lying prone near a curb.