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Flash Back Video Of The Day: Deele- Two Occasions

For real…WTF were we thinking with the clothes? The shoulder pads that made you look like a yield sign? What’s with the stiff ass “interpretive dancing”? And can I express how happy I am that L.A. Reid no longer has that jacked up haircut? And that Babyface no longer looks like he’s starving (Lord that man is FINE now, but he needed some help back then)? Was Carlos really rockin a gold tooth? Up front no less? Why did the drummer look bored and why did the bass player look like he was about ready to slap the taste out of someone’s mouth?

All that horrible 80’s stuff aside, you still can’t beat this song when it comes to making a mix tape for your honey.


Another flash back video

I couldn’t not post this one when I found it. This was my JAM.

And now for a flash back video

Why aren’t there love songs like this anymore? Shit is cheesy as hell but you still end up thinking “I wish a dude would say that to me.” *sniffle*

And can I say I didn’t even know they had a video for this?