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Flash Back Video – Mr. Wendal Arrested Development

Man I miss music like this. Remember when hip hop was…intelligent?


Well…he DID say it.

This hasn’t gotten a ton of airplay on the news, but, yes John McCain called his wife (the one he cheated on his first wife with then turned around and married a month after their divorce was final because she was wealthy and politically powerful) a cunt. Granted she’s a recovering drug addict that stole drugs from her own Volunteer Medical Foundation, was subject to a wrongful termination lawsuit after firing the director of said foundation in order to cover up her addiction, and admitted her addiction only to keep an Arizona newspaper from having a field day with the story. And yes, she stole recipes from Food Network and claimed them as her own (who doesn’t? Well…I don’t…I steal them from and claim them as my own, but not in a nationally distributed newspaper or on my husband’s campaign website). But even for ALL that…she doesn’t deserve to be called a cunt. A bitch? Maybe. A husband stealing whore? Not so much…McCain had several extramarital affairs so he was more whore than she was.

And even though she gives me the same creeps I get when I see Laura Bush smile (you know the smile…that vapid one that looks forced and dull and gives her eyes this weird lunatic gleam), she doesn’t deserve to be called a cunt.

Hat tip to Post Bourgie for the video below (NSFW)

In Honor of the GORGEOUS weather we’re having: FLASH BACK VIDEO!

If you know me, you should know what video this is. It’s the only one TRULY appropriate for the season.

Flash Back Video Of The Day: JEM!

I wanted to see if anyone in the YouTube world remembered this bit of 80’s greatness so I did a search for Jem and came up with these delightful tidbits! I loved this show as a kid. No other show had it’s characters randomly breakout into song (with accompanying video), plus there was that weird pseudo-love triangle between Jerrica, Jem and Rio. AND they got someone who could actually sing to do Jem and The Hologram’s singing voices.

I can has car?

I don’t know how I forgot to blog about this but…WE GOT OUR CAR BACK!!! Got it back the other day. Of course this means we’re broke. We had about $350 left to pay on it. yay :p.

I’m exhausted. I washed The Kid’s hair today and was supposed to get mine relaxed…but that didn’t happen. Long story short, my sister started her period and is pissy.

Not much to really talk about today. Cleaned (more) for BW’s first communion reception Sunday. Went shopping for a bit with my mom. Ate delicious steaks at my parent’s house, however the night was cut short by my sister’s pissy-ness and my dad’s inability to just not say anything. So we came back to my sister’s house, she cleaned the carpet (I swear it’s a woman thing…get upset, start cleaning) and once that was done we watched her recorded novelas and ate some tasty candies we got from Cost Plus World Market (they’re filing backruptcy and closing several of the Metro Detroit stores).

So…to make up for my bland and boring day..I offer you a good laugh:

Flash back video of the day: The Infamous Webber Time Out

For once it’s not a music video. But if you follow college basketball, or are from michigan, this is one of the most memorable moments in college sports history. Final seconds of a NCAA finals game agains North Carolina and Chris Webber calls a time out…except UofM doesn’t have any timeouts left. NC was ahead by two with 20 seconds left. All that was needed was a two pointer to put the game into overtime. But that time out was a techincal foul, which sent NC to the line and sealed Webbers place in NCAA history.

Flash back video of the day Black Sheep The Choice is Yours

Man it’s been FOREVER since I’ve heard this song.

Dresden Dolls “Coin Operated Boy”

I love love love the Dolls. I love this song even more. In fact this is the song that introduced me to them oh so long ago.

You’re especially smart if you get what it is that she’s actually talking about.


Flash Back Video Of The Day: Pebbles – Mercedes Boy

Gotta love those thinly veiled offers for sex (gotta love even more that she calls her cooch her “Mercedes”…I guess it’s better than her calling her Pinto) . My sister had this cassette tape, and, way back then, we actually thought she was offering him a ride in her car. How could two elementary school kids (well, I guess my sister was technically in middle school since this was about when she was in 6th grade) understand that this wasn’t about picking up a cute hitchhiker?

Now to answer the question “why so many videos?” Simple: I’m a lazy bastard that doesn’t always want to sit and think about what to write. So this is my easy way to do fill some blog space until I am in the mood to actually think.

Flash Back Video Of The Day: Deele- Two Occasions

For real…WTF were we thinking with the clothes? The shoulder pads that made you look like a yield sign? What’s with the stiff ass “interpretive dancing”? And can I express how happy I am that L.A. Reid no longer has that jacked up haircut? And that Babyface no longer looks like he’s starving (Lord that man is FINE now, but he needed some help back then)? Was Carlos really rockin a gold tooth? Up front no less? Why did the drummer look bored and why did the bass player look like he was about ready to slap the taste out of someone’s mouth?

All that horrible 80’s stuff aside, you still can’t beat this song when it comes to making a mix tape for your honey.