I’m 26, female and from Detroit.

I have a wide range of interests (some of which would probably shock you if you really knew me). I’m an admitted bibliophile, a wannabe writer, and a full time mummy.

When I’m not reading, writing or taking care of my child, you can find me putzing about on Second Life (sorry you’re going to have to ask me for that info, I can’t have you stalking me or something).

I try to maintain a drama-free life; well as much as a person on anti-depressants can. I’m open about a lot of my life, but I rarely go into detail. I follow a faith system, but believe that religion (or lack thereof) is someone’s personal business and isn’t up for debate. That said, you’ll rarely find me talking about my personal faith, though I may speak on faith as a whole or specific belief systems.

I separate my personally held beliefs from those of my religious beliefs. No, I don’t consider that to be hypocrisy. I believe that God (or whatever name you refer to your higher deity by) wants us to be happy in our faith, and to find the path that works best for us. We know not everyone is cut out to be a Carmelite nun, so why would we believe that God would punish us for not living up to that particular standard? (See what I’m getting at here?)

I respect all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, color, or sexual orientation. I judge people on who they are, not what they look like or who they sleep with (your bedroom antics are no business of mine anyway) .

I find myself being the person to whom many people come to for advice. For whatever reason I seem to be pretty good at solving everyone else’s problems, but not so much with my own. *shrug* Go figure.

Hmmm…that’s about it that I can think of right now. Anything else you want to know, ask.


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  1. I lived in Dearborn and Melvindale for a while.

    I used to work at a group home in Brownstown.

    I miss MI.

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